This blog documents how food is part of my life. I live each day by the three most important meals of the day, with the occasional snack-and-drink splurge in between. Food is my way to explore new countries, revisit old memories, and think through my thoughts. Most importantly, at the end of each bite, food makes me happy.

Fellow foodies and connoisseurs of all types of cravings: welcome!


About the Author: Sara is a 26-year-old DC-based international development professional by day and a 24/7 championship-level eater. No matter what time of the day it is, she is always searching for the perfect way to satisfy the cravings of her mind, soul and stomach.

Prior to indulging in DC’s food scene, Sara spent two years training her globetrotting palette as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand. You can learn more about her Southeast Asian adventures on her Peace Corps blog, So Little Thai, So Much To Do.

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