Guru Groceries and Chaat House, a four-aisle, low-key establishment that’s roughly a 30-minute drive north of Washington DC, is my go-to place for when the chaat cravings are too intense for downtown DC to satisfy. Following an afternoon of colorful powder tosses and dancing at yesterday’s Holi DC Festival in Potomac, Maryland, my cravings signaled for Guru Groceries’ chaat plates in all its yogurt-covered, spiced and $6-per-plate glory. My friends and I drove over to the store and nearly burst through the doors with faces speckled in the colors of the rainbow and stomachs grumbling for anything and everything our eyes could see: spice packets, mango juice boxes, and the most delicious snacks high-school me could ever hope for.

After ordering as if this would be the last time we’d eat here together (it definitely won’t be), the cashier/cook brought us plates of samosa chaat, papri chat, and pani puri along with three spoons for me and my friend to feast like queens. Over the next five minutes, talking was replaced with scooping, tasting, and indulging in the satisfying silence of a delicious meal. Eating with friends while surrounded by the tastes of my high school days, my cravings and I officially welcomed spring with an open heart and very fulfilled appetite.

We nearly missed the turn for the store from all the hunger-fueled excitement for chaat.


Snacks on snacks on snacks (Chakali is a must in my kitchen cabinets)
From top-left clockwise: samosa chaat, papri chaat and pani puri (puri crackers, tamarind spiced water, and potato-chickpea-onion filling)
Reminiscing over two of my post-soccer practice staples from Mumbai: Frooti mango juice and Parle-G biscuits
One more order for good measure: bhel puri sprinkled in tamarind water and devoured within minutes in satisfying silence 🙂

Guru Groceries and Chaat House | 14119 Travilah Road, Rockville, Maryland 20850