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Something to keep me warm

I have this morning sunshine coming through my window and this bowl of noodle soup to slow me down and keep me warm. Here's to a serving of Saturday morning cravings and self-reflection.

Craving Colors: My 2020 Foodie Resolution

This winter, I'm craving all the colors of the rainbow in one dish to warm me up. This means diving into my cookbook collection for inspiration, navigating the farmers markets for seasonal ingredients full of flavor, and creating meals that... Continue Reading →

The Great Agency-Wide Bake Off: Pie Week

Since sweet potato pie is a popular dessert that appears on Thanksgiving dinner tables across the United States, the ube pie is a delicious twist on a traditional American Thanksgiving sweet.

Warm Me Up with Kimchi and Cocoa: Cold Season Cravings

How I'm cooking and eating my way towards Cherry Blossom season between now and February.

Noodle Soup Life Cycle: Slow Cooker Pho

Happy Birthday to us, Anthony Bourdain.

I wish I could have been there last June to tell you how your televised adventures re-ignited a spark for me to cook for myself, nourish myself, open myself up to the world, and enjoy life again. I'm still here continuing to search for the perfect bites and living always hungry for more.

Simmering Into Something New: Happy New Year

I'll approach 2019 the same way I approached this soup: reflect on the tastes and experiences of 2018, appreciate the delicious, learn from the not-so-delicious, and continue to follow my cravings in search of something better in the new year.

Throwback Thursday Cravings: Home Tastes Like Chicken Adobo

Throwback Thursday night feast: a casserole dish of chicken adobo drumsticks, rice fresh outta the rice cooker, and the necessary sides of sliced hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes.

Treat Yo Self: Joy of Cooking Solo

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