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Living life through my mind, soul, and stomach.

Chocolate Is Good For You: Katherine Anne Confections

Katherine Anne's Mexican Hot Cocoa topped with a giant salted caramel marshmallow = PURE BLISS.


Mental Break to Thailand: Thai Chef and Bangkok 54

Nothing like a mental trip to Thailand to warm up my body and wake up my appetite!

Noodle Soup Life Cycle: Coconut Curry Noodle Soup

Sip, slurp, eat, repeat.

Two Dozen Tamales To-Go, Please: La Mascota Bakery

La Mascota's generous menu selection leaves you wondering whether you'd want a breakfast plate, a tamale, or a pan dulce for breakfast before you accept that fact that you're going to order one of each and wash it all down with a hot of steaming champurrado or horchata latte.

Sunday Brunch: Gochujang Poached Eggs with Feta and Pickled Onions

On this Sunday, the kitchen is my church and the Gochujang is the answer to my poached-egg prayers.

Weekend Comfort Food: Chili Mac and Cheese

This weekend's winter cravings switched back and forth between gooey mac & cheese and a heart bowl of chili, so One-Pot Chili Mac and Cheese by Damn Delicious was the perfect craving for my DC kitchen.

Send Noods: My Top DC Noodle Joints of 2017

In our nation's capital, these are the four noodle joints that left me wanting more slurps and noods for my stomach and soul.

Will Travel For Taquitos: 8 Hours in L.A.

From taquitos to churros, the L.A. foodie trek was more than worth the 5am wake-up call and hour-long delays along Amtrak's SD-to-LA tracking system.

Thug Kitchen Tuesday: Flaunt Your Flautas

"If you don't know what flautas are, then grab your lunch box because we're taking your a** to school."

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