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Living life through my mind, soul, and stomach.

Weekend Comfort Food: Dessert for Breakfast

Most mornings during the weekend, my breakfast involves the usual before-noon suspects: fresh fruit over yogurt, the occasional pancake flips, improvised breakfast taco fillings, or yet another attempt at a perfectly poached egg. This morning, however, I woke up with... Continue Reading →


Telework Munchies: Bubble Tea, Bahn Mi, and other Minneapolis Cravings

From refreshing bubble tea selections to colorful street art, Minneapolis really knows how to motivate an out-of-towner on a telework day.

To Monde’s With Love: 10-Year-Reunion Cravings

Monde's comforts instantly made us feel 17 years old again, from the shared plates of chili cheese toast, chicken lollipops, and daal makhani to a group of us dancing along to a 50-rupee playlist of Shakira, Elton John, and Green Day.

Post-March Munchies in AdMo: Bul and Super Tacos & Bakery

Rallying for gun control and safe schools can work up quite an appetite! After an eventful day of beautiful performances, inspiring speeches, and creative posters at DC March for Our Lives this past Saturday, my fellow activists and I were craving... Continue Reading →

Weekend Comfort Food: Dal Makhani and Masala Cornbread

Settle in at the kitchen table with the dal makhani and a skillet of masala cornbread, and dive face-first into silky-and-spicy nirvana.

Weekend Comfort Food: Mac ‘n’ Cheese ‘n’ Longaniza de Vigan

Want to feel like you're at two places at once? Cuddle up in a blanket, savor a bite of this Filipino-American creation, and your taste buds will have no idea which continent they're in, but it'll certainly feel like home.

Telework Munchies: Bagels, Board Games, and Noodles in NYC

Taking full advantage of teleworking in NYC to fulfill my cravings for bagels and spicy noodles.

Swedish Fish, Cheese Sandwiches, and Other Memorized Cravings: A Love Story

Food cravings are unique to each person and provide a glimpse into someone's soul. As we become aware of other people's cravings, we get an idea of which foods and drinks act as a security blanket when they're sad (Ben... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday Cravings: The Kati Roll Company

The Kati Roll: the 4AM weekend snack of Greenwich VIllage's bar hoppers

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