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Living life through my mind, soul, and stomach.

Got noods?

Landed in Portland yesterday! In the city that seems to have everything as long as you’re craving, leave it to me to escape the East Coast only to seek a Greenwich Village craving of spicy hand-pulled noodles a la Xian... Continue Reading →

Wanna get away?

Wanna get away? Make chorizo and egg tacos. Wanna go to a taco truck in Los Angeles for breakfast? Heat up the skillet, listen to the Cacique chorizo de puerco sizzle, and let the smells of spices wrap around you... Continue Reading →

Work day cravings

There’s something rejuvenating about sprinkling garlic salt into a pan of torn spinach and mushrooms browned in olive oil. A calm washes over me when I hear droplets from a cracked egg sizzle in a frying pan. Despite the yolk... Continue Reading →

Apple Drunk in Germantown

I miss the good ol' 2017 days of fall when we'd drive 20-plus miles north of Washington, D.C. for apple-tree-lined suburbia. I miss exploring a field of suncrisps, biting into a freshly-picked crimson crisps, and debating with my roommates and... Continue Reading →

Foodie thoughts at 30

I feel kinship with anybody who cooks. I feel admiration and respect and empathy for anyone who works hard to make something a little bit better. Hit me with the right bowl of noodles at the right time—“angel trumpets and... Continue Reading →

Something to keep me warm

I have this morning sunshine coming through my window and this bowl of noodle soup to slow me down and keep me warm. Here's to a serving of Saturday morning cravings and self-reflection.

Craving Colors: My 2020 Foodie Resolution

This winter, I'm craving all the colors of the rainbow in one dish to warm me up. This means diving into my cookbook collection for inspiration, navigating the farmers markets for seasonal ingredients full of flavor, and creating meals that... Continue Reading →

The Great Agency-Wide Bake Off: Pie Week

Since sweet potato pie is a popular dessert that appears on Thanksgiving dinner tables across the United States, the ube pie is a delicious twist on a traditional American Thanksgiving sweet.

Warm Me Up with Kimchi and Cocoa: Cold Season Cravings

How I'm cooking and eating my way towards Cherry Blossom season between now and February.

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